16 December 2005

Ok, I'm done the letter. Let's see if it prints out now.
Oh, I've tried to get this all done in time. It's a little frustrating that I've been working on this since early Nov. Oh well. THings just take longer I guess. This weekend seems busy, but only because I'm planning a dessert exchange on Sun night. Oy!! Haven't gotten as much done. Oh yes, and kids are sick. It just never ends. But I remember those irritating but true words: 'this too shall pass'. It all will. Such assurance Jesus can bring to us. A wave of deep Peace just permeated my being. He is so real.

Hugs to you!

15 December 2005

Cards.....done yet?

Hey there!
Ok, snowstorm is here. So, I'm working on Christmas correspondence, in lieu of posting something of significance. Here's hoping it can be finished....

12 December 2005

Pics, finally!

This was yesterday's after nap hair atop a grumpy girl. She posed compliantly...all the while grumbling. Lovely!

Look, she smiled!

Bye, Amy

06 December 2005

Today, we went to the church for the Precious Jewels Christmas Concert rehearsal. When we came back home, Nathan decided he was going to hold his own rehearsal and I, of course, would be doing sound. Funny kid.
Not much to say today, too tired out.


05 December 2005

Mondays are nice.

It's been a quiet day today. Paul came home for lunch. Nathan and I discussed what animals we might find in the city, in the desert and in cold places. Then he spent some time looking through a picture encyclopedia. I think the part he enjoyed the most was looking at the diagrams of human organs.

We had finished his first workbook today!He wasn't terribly thrilled with doing school but I was pleased with his abilities.

Yes, it's been a nice quiet Monday, hope it continues that way...

01 December 2005


Ok, so some of you are wondering what happened. Well, Nathan happened. He has entered the year of the four but most days I consider it the year of the foul temper. So, with birthdays and other life stuff, I have been overwhelmed and grumpy. Though I have had some 'encouragement' from other parents that Nathan is doing a typical 4 year old thing. Great.

Anyway, it's Christmas and I am glad because it gives me something else to concentrate on and pour some creativity into. Like Christmas cards. Don't worry, you'll get yours one day. When they are done. Actually, it's the Christmas letter that has to get done. But I'm updating my blog instead.

The thing with getting creative is that I can't ever get things done well, that is, at once. I start, some child needs help, I go back, realize I have to make supper...and try again the next day. I totally lose the creative flow. But I do find myself thrilled with even the smallest accomplishment of creativity.
Currently I'm thoroughly pleased with our Christmas tree, metal,plastic and all. It our very first artificial Christmas tree and it looks good. I'm so excited by it, that I haven't bothered to decorate it. It has some coloured LEDs and white twinkle lights and it looks beautiful.

One day I'll post some more pictures. Right now I'm going to go convince Emily it is naptime and she shall be sleeping.

Stop laughing. She will sleep.

Grumpy mommy signing off.

17 October 2005

Last week wednesday, we took Christina to Kitchener and met our friend Jen at a Burger King with a play area. Jen, Christina and I were housemates for a couple of years in university. Now Jen has 3, lives in London and is super-busy. I didn't get any pics of her this trip, but here are all the kids.

Christina's last night. We got silly, took some silly pictures, but here's a normal one. Ahem!

It was a great week. We miss her. Emily has been asking for "Tuna", constantly. Sometimes, she even asks for "Teena".
We had a great weekend. I can't believe that we got the back yard cleaned up for the fall, already! Now the challenge is to find a place to put things away in the house.
On Sunday, we saw the African Children's Choir at our church. Nathan was in the service with us and loved it. So we brought them home with us - as a CD and DVD!
Gotta go!

12 October 2005

He shows me He's there.

We left Friday to spend the weekend with my parents. It was a wonderful time. We all love being there...there's so much space!! We returned on Monday and picked up our friend Christina, who had just arrived from Turkey. The kids just love her. Good thing she likes them too!

Last week I was frantic. I couldn't find any record of Nathan's birth registration number. I needed it to renew his health card. I renewed mine and Emily's. It was all I could do.
Paul requested Nathan's birth certificate over the internet and we waited, as that would have the information we needed. It was to take 10 days. Two days later, I picked it up at the Purolator depot. Then yesterday when we went to the Health card office.
I had prepared Nathan for a long wait and agreed to read him a book while we waited. We walked in, got our number and found a seat. Then we immediately walked back down the entire length of the room to get to the wicket number that was ours. I didn't even get to sit down. We were back on the road less than half an hour from when we parked. The crazy thing was that Nathan was so utterly disappointed that I didn't get to read him a story. So I took them to Highland Farms and got them the shopping cart with the car attached to the front. Complete with two steering wheels, it more than made up for a lack of reading time! But throughout that time, I was reeling with how God provides just what I need, when I need it.

Thank you, Jesus.

07 October 2005

Catching up

On my birthday, we blew out candles.

Then, the very next day, I used one of my birthday presents - pancake forms. A little tricky, but worth the effort!

I just had to take this one of Daddy and daughter. They're so cute.

This weekend we are off to my parents' place. We are looking forwared to the space, the country air and the restfulness we usually experience there.


05 October 2005

It's been a while

What a week has passed! "Busy, busy shockingly busy! You've no idea what I've had to do!"
We had people over for dinner a couple of nights, I did sound for a wedding, planned my birthday gathering, we went to a Kortright for the Green Energy Home Show, I produced last Sunday's services, Paul got a migraine, I crashed with exhaustion and had some girlfriends over last night for a birthday party. Along the way, I got a couple of cute pics.

Somebody didn't put away his sleeping clothes. Of course, that means Emily has to try them on.

Ahha! Success!
Sort of.

They said they were sleeping. Do they look like they are sleeping, to you?

One in the bed and said," Daddy can you come and sleep in my bed?"
The big one said, "Sure" and there were two in the bed.
Two in the bed and the little one said, "My turn!" and there were three in the bed.
Three in the bed and the little one said,
"Let's grin like silly people and pretend we're sleeping."
Ah, well, no. But maybe she was thinking it.
Then the Other One said, nothing and ran downstairs to get the camera. Then she took the picture. Better than words.

Hmmm. Do you see a theme? Mommy and Daddy wishes it were closer to reality. "Sleeping, sleeping, we rather be sleeping. You've some idea how tired we are!"

Ya-haa. Well, I should be napping.

22 September 2005

Yes, yet another grumpy post. The day started out better with a decent talk with Paul. By lunchtime, however, I was reduced to grumpiness. Trying to use the bunch of apples, with kids screeching and tattling and calling out for the apples, wanting to help...aaaaaaaaaagh.

It was one of those chaos sounding mornings. Where every voice clamours to be heard, but no one stops to listen. I get very frustrated in those instances, as I am the mommy trying to sort everything out. I don't seem to know how to let go ofthe frustration after the moment though. It just builds and builds. Then I holler. We're in an ick cycle. But I am determined to stop it.

Thanks for reading,

21 September 2005

Last Friday, we went to see Nanee, at the home of my cousin, Ren. Nanee is my grandmother, and therefore, the kids' great-grandmother.

This is Ren, with Nathan and Emily.

It was Monday. The kids had been crazy all day. Then, there was silence. I looked and saw....


Gotta love the pink hat. And the lazy milk drinker. "Oh dearest brother. I couldn't possibly hold my own milk container. Could you?"

Then, on Tuesday, they decided to become porcupines.
Notice that she is indeed capable of holding her own beverage container.

Today, Wednesday, we went to the chiropractor. Emily got up on the table and lay down, ready for her adjustment. It was quite a change from a month ago where she cried as soon as Dr. S. walked in the room. Maybe she's as moody as I am today!


19 September 2005

Summer pics

Braided for the first time! Success for Mommy! Some of you may be able to relate with the sense of accomplishment I felt that day.

From our trip to the Toronto Zoo:

Emily decides she likes sno-cones!

Nathan finds a paw print.

Daddy finds a tiger's food bowl.

Back home at our zoo...

I find a bread making monkey.

Nathan says goodbye to his friends Jack and Alexanna, as they have moved to a new house in Toronto.

That's it for now. Gotta get the kids up.


14 September 2005

Ahhh, there we go...

So, here I am. Blogging. During naptime. When I should be, well, doing something else, I'm sure.

Found my George Herbert book yesterday. Here are a couple of lines, from The H. Scriptures II:

Such are thy secrets, which my life makes good,
And comments on thee: for in ev'ry thing
Thy words do find me out, and parallels bring.

Ahh, I'll just soak in that for a while.


Let's try again

Oh yeah, having trouble figuring out this blog creature. Let's see if I can find this one...