22 September 2005

Yes, yet another grumpy post. The day started out better with a decent talk with Paul. By lunchtime, however, I was reduced to grumpiness. Trying to use the bunch of apples, with kids screeching and tattling and calling out for the apples, wanting to help...aaaaaaaaaagh.

It was one of those chaos sounding mornings. Where every voice clamours to be heard, but no one stops to listen. I get very frustrated in those instances, as I am the mommy trying to sort everything out. I don't seem to know how to let go ofthe frustration after the moment though. It just builds and builds. Then I holler. We're in an ick cycle. But I am determined to stop it.

Thanks for reading,

21 September 2005

Last Friday, we went to see Nanee, at the home of my cousin, Ren. Nanee is my grandmother, and therefore, the kids' great-grandmother.

This is Ren, with Nathan and Emily.

It was Monday. The kids had been crazy all day. Then, there was silence. I looked and saw....


Gotta love the pink hat. And the lazy milk drinker. "Oh dearest brother. I couldn't possibly hold my own milk container. Could you?"

Then, on Tuesday, they decided to become porcupines.
Notice that she is indeed capable of holding her own beverage container.

Today, Wednesday, we went to the chiropractor. Emily got up on the table and lay down, ready for her adjustment. It was quite a change from a month ago where she cried as soon as Dr. S. walked in the room. Maybe she's as moody as I am today!


19 September 2005

Summer pics

Braided for the first time! Success for Mommy! Some of you may be able to relate with the sense of accomplishment I felt that day.

From our trip to the Toronto Zoo:

Emily decides she likes sno-cones!

Nathan finds a paw print.

Daddy finds a tiger's food bowl.

Back home at our zoo...

I find a bread making monkey.

Nathan says goodbye to his friends Jack and Alexanna, as they have moved to a new house in Toronto.

That's it for now. Gotta get the kids up.