05 July 2006

oooh, the backyard....

We are having such fun this summer. Especially in our backyard. Emily really enjoys The Digging Spot.

Look! Look! There's grass!
Beautiful! Restful!
Aaaah. Feel the softness under your bare feet.

My friend Sue called to say her cherries were ready. So, we grabbed this bucket and two Narnia popcorn buckets and headed over.
Paul climbed the tree, Emily sat on a chair, terrified of the dogs, and Nathan and I fought for time on the ladder. We filled this bucket and one popcorn one. Lotsa cherries.
These lovely cherries have now been apportioned to share, consumed in a pie and transformed into jam. Yippee! What fun!

Once upon a time we went strawberry picking...

Grumpy, here, didn't want to pick strawberries.
She wanted to see the goats. But, her brother was busily getting nice red fruit! Next time we'll try to find a farm without the goats.

Proud picker, Nathan. Proud straw twirler, Emily.

We picked this much!

Mr. Scarecrow.

Miss Scarecrow!

03 July 2006


"Mom, look!"
"Oh, you're playing a french horn!"

"And so are you."

Summer means sprinkler time! What fun we are having in our fabulously sodded back yard. Thanks, Paul!

Happy, wet munchkin. Lovely.

These are little Playmobile people, wise men actually, from Nathan's Nativity set. Emily enjoys playing with them too. On this day, they decided to take a jaunt out of the bedroom, aided by Emily. Do you suppose they were tired out and needed to sit down? I wonder....