06 December 2005

Today, we went to the church for the Precious Jewels Christmas Concert rehearsal. When we came back home, Nathan decided he was going to hold his own rehearsal and I, of course, would be doing sound. Funny kid.
Not much to say today, too tired out.



Robyn said...

I bet the concert will be very nice. How does Nathan enjoy working on it?

Amy said...

Nathan enjoys watching the kids on stage. He's just glued to the stage and loves to hear them sing. I know he would love to be on stage with them and I'm sure somehow, though he's homeschooled, there will be an opportunity for him to do so. He really loves helping Paul and I set up and tear down sound equipment. A techie already!

Sue said...

hey there lady,

glad to see an explosion of posts all of a sudden! :) haha.

talk to you soon, from me.