12 October 2006

32 years, up in smoke

I have embarked on the journey of a lifetime....no, a journey of a year. My 33rd year, to be exact. Not much to report so far, wandered in the woods, danced in the snow, yelled at some kids. I know there is a deeper thing going on in all these activities. I know that God is at work and right here with me. Sometimes the daily life I see with my eyes filters the reality of His Son's life in me. It really should be the other way round.


I have Rediscovered the Joy of being at home! I went from "grump, grump, ho hum, not-so-how" to "wheee, this IS fun!" in the space of, oh, about 1 second. I was in my kitchen. I was miming. I was holding a cucumber in my hand. Blue Man Group was playing on the stereo. You figure it out!

Yippee! Just gotta find those pearls.