12 October 2005

He shows me He's there.

We left Friday to spend the weekend with my parents. It was a wonderful time. We all love being there...there's so much space!! We returned on Monday and picked up our friend Christina, who had just arrived from Turkey. The kids just love her. Good thing she likes them too!

Last week I was frantic. I couldn't find any record of Nathan's birth registration number. I needed it to renew his health card. I renewed mine and Emily's. It was all I could do.
Paul requested Nathan's birth certificate over the internet and we waited, as that would have the information we needed. It was to take 10 days. Two days later, I picked it up at the Purolator depot. Then yesterday when we went to the Health card office.
I had prepared Nathan for a long wait and agreed to read him a book while we waited. We walked in, got our number and found a seat. Then we immediately walked back down the entire length of the room to get to the wicket number that was ours. I didn't even get to sit down. We were back on the road less than half an hour from when we parked. The crazy thing was that Nathan was so utterly disappointed that I didn't get to read him a story. So I took them to Highland Farms and got them the shopping cart with the car attached to the front. Complete with two steering wheels, it more than made up for a lack of reading time! But throughout that time, I was reeling with how God provides just what I need, when I need it.

Thank you, Jesus.

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Robyn said...

Amy, happy late birthday. Sorry we missed it.
I am glad that things worked out for you and Nathan while doing the health care stuff. I am going to do all that on monday, lots to do when changing your name.
Hugs and Kisses