26 August 2006

We go ALL OUT!

Yup. Just couldn't stay home. Nope. Needed to get to higher ground. Ahem. Sky? Concrete?
We went to the CN tower today. Kids loved it. Nathan's fave: the Lego Racer simulator ride. ( I think he liked looking out from the SkyPod too).
It was quite all right, even the long line for the elevator up to the SkyPod.
Once we were finished, we exited the tower and walked in the direction of the old roundhouse just south of the tower. We were distracted by the OPP display of various cars and such and the bipedal furry dog and elephant. The kids got a couple of photo ops (not with our camera - which I left conveniently attached to the computer in an attempt to download pictures before we left this morning - HA!). And THEN, this cop lady asked if we got any treats. Then she got us the treats : hockey puck, tattoos, OPP badge AND a Junior OPP cap - in stylish black plastic! They were thrilled. The cops AND the kids.

When we finally made our way over to the round house we stopped to eat our lunch on a bench. We sat down with the CN Tower in the center of our view with the 'roger centre' off to the left. Emily's fave memory of the day was watching the elevators go up and down in the glass shaft. After lunch, Paul and Nathan disappeared into the tall grass in order to check out the roundhouse. Emily and I climbed some concrete thing while we waited for the boys to reappear.

While we were walking back to Union we saw a crew which was putting down some new track. Twenty minutes later, we finally got to Union, bought some candy and headed onto the subway.

It's so good to be back home. I've really enjoyed the extra special events but it was especially nice to get home, give them naps, do some errands and sit down to a nice dinner. Home is good.

24 August 2006

Anniversary at the AGO.

It was just like 9 years ago. A little rainy, a little sunny and just the right temperature. We drove down to the AGO, just the two of us and wandered around the downright limited selection of the AGO's holdings. But it meant that we did the gallery in an hour ( it was free from 6-9pm!) and got to wander in the gift shop. We bought a fun looking card game for the kids where they get to build snakes!
Then we drove around trying to find a new parking spot ( the garage we had originally parked in was being used for filming) and ended up right in front of the CHUM City building at Queen and John at the ONLY parking meter directly in front of the Breakfast television/CityLine studio. It was a little weird. AND we didn't even have to pay because it was after 9pm.
We wandered east on Queen and found ourselves at the Indian Palace which was a simple but welcoming restaurant with very yummy food. It was such a nice evening.
And, Paul, "Happy Anniversary! Thanks for wandering the gallery with me. I love you!"

21 August 2006

Spontaneous adventure

It was Sunday, around 11am. We had just come back from church. The children were playing happily but we, the parents, were unsettled. So we made a decision.
About an hour and a half later we found ourselves at Black Creek Pioneer Village.
What Fun!
Trouncing around on gravel paths ( much gentler on the feet), smelling spices, watching how to card and spin wool --oh so much fun! It amazed me how they just glowed as they ran around.
Nathan is just the right age to take in the information the village-people (non-YMCA types) shared. Emily enjoyedthe sheer energy of the excursion.
Paul and I found it wonderfully relaxing.
But, we didn't bring the camera.
Maybe next time!