18 June 2008

Moving in...

After this point, our pictures are few and far between. I still have boxes in my dining, but a few less than pictured here.
My little sweeping buddy:

I found this guy in the closet, behind some Pax wardrobe units. After he had finished hammering in the backing, he climbed up from behind them and manage to wriggle his way over the top and down. WOW.

There is a time to install a wall bracket and a time to hang off of it:

The house is ready for our stuff

The new carpet's installed and the MB is painted.

The crab tree outside the window begins to flower.

Nathan seems to think his room might feel like a prison sometimes. :-)

One hot day in Calgary

We went exploring and found many people trying to cool off.
Nathan and Emily didn't stop to play in the water. They were taking their daddy to see Aslan.

Daddy was very glad to meet Aslan.
It turns out Aslan was feeling the heat, too!

Preparing the new digs - the paint job

No chairs for the children, however...
...Bob the builder never looked so good!

Nathan's newly painted bedroom. The floor looks about the same as it does now...lego carpet.

Aaaaah, pepto-bismol pink. Perfect!

Paul - reflective and edgy.

While living in limbo....

Nathan collected hail:

Emily indulged in a mani-pedi:

We explored Bowness Park. It has a funky looking pedestrian bridge, suspended from the main bridge.

The irony - smart, huh?: