16 December 2005

Ok, I'm done the letter. Let's see if it prints out now.
Oh, I've tried to get this all done in time. It's a little frustrating that I've been working on this since early Nov. Oh well. THings just take longer I guess. This weekend seems busy, but only because I'm planning a dessert exchange on Sun night. Oy!! Haven't gotten as much done. Oh yes, and kids are sick. It just never ends. But I remember those irritating but true words: 'this too shall pass'. It all will. Such assurance Jesus can bring to us. A wave of deep Peace just permeated my being. He is so real.

Hugs to you!

15 December 2005

Cards.....done yet?

Hey there!
Ok, snowstorm is here. So, I'm working on Christmas correspondence, in lieu of posting something of significance. Here's hoping it can be finished....

12 December 2005

Pics, finally!

This was yesterday's after nap hair atop a grumpy girl. She posed compliantly...all the while grumbling. Lovely!

Look, she smiled!

Bye, Amy