01 December 2005


Ok, so some of you are wondering what happened. Well, Nathan happened. He has entered the year of the four but most days I consider it the year of the foul temper. So, with birthdays and other life stuff, I have been overwhelmed and grumpy. Though I have had some 'encouragement' from other parents that Nathan is doing a typical 4 year old thing. Great.

Anyway, it's Christmas and I am glad because it gives me something else to concentrate on and pour some creativity into. Like Christmas cards. Don't worry, you'll get yours one day. When they are done. Actually, it's the Christmas letter that has to get done. But I'm updating my blog instead.

The thing with getting creative is that I can't ever get things done well, that is, at once. I start, some child needs help, I go back, realize I have to make supper...and try again the next day. I totally lose the creative flow. But I do find myself thrilled with even the smallest accomplishment of creativity.
Currently I'm thoroughly pleased with our Christmas tree, metal,plastic and all. It our very first artificial Christmas tree and it looks good. I'm so excited by it, that I haven't bothered to decorate it. It has some coloured LEDs and white twinkle lights and it looks beautiful.

One day I'll post some more pictures. Right now I'm going to go convince Emily it is naptime and she shall be sleeping.

Stop laughing. She will sleep.

Grumpy mommy signing off.

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Robyn said...

Well done Amy! So glad to see you back in the blog world. Anything I might be able to help you with? I understand the 4 thing... we are dealing with the grouchy around mom and dad 5 thing now. It you need a break let me know, I would be more then happy to take the kids for a few hours for you!