31 March 2006

The tale of Sir Nathan, Princess Emily and King Mommy

Look, they are pre-"reading" their naptime stories! Awwww. A quiet moment in our day.
This pic belies the energy of the day. I gave Nathan a new toy. Oooh, he was thrilled. It was a a breastplate, a shield, a helmet and a sheathed sword - all plastic. He put it all on and went to the front mirror to admire himself. He declared that he looked "wonderful!" I agree. Then we had to figure out what knights did....we decided that they weren't supposed to kill people. Just have sword fights and win. And they could kill animals for lunch and supper.
Emily discovered the dressup box at this time and came over all decked out in a pink sunhat, chunky bracelets and a purse. We decided she must be princess Emily.

That's it for today. Just have to get to sewing those Easter outfits.