17 October 2005

Last week wednesday, we took Christina to Kitchener and met our friend Jen at a Burger King with a play area. Jen, Christina and I were housemates for a couple of years in university. Now Jen has 3, lives in London and is super-busy. I didn't get any pics of her this trip, but here are all the kids.

Christina's last night. We got silly, took some silly pictures, but here's a normal one. Ahem!

It was a great week. We miss her. Emily has been asking for "Tuna", constantly. Sometimes, she even asks for "Teena".
We had a great weekend. I can't believe that we got the back yard cleaned up for the fall, already! Now the challenge is to find a place to put things away in the house.
On Sunday, we saw the African Children's Choir at our church. Nathan was in the service with us and loved it. So we brought them home with us - as a CD and DVD!
Gotta go!

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Robyn said...

Amy, you are doing such a great job on the blog!!
Sorry we missed the African Childrens choir, I had to stay home and have a pj day. Been having a few of them l8ly.
God Bless