19 March 2008

Pictures of the house in Calgary

If you squint, I think you can see the mountains. This picture doesn't do justice to the view that we have, but it does prove that we do, indeed, have a mountain view.This is the back yard. It is terraced and the deck, from which the picture is taken, will need work. We'd like to level out the back, put in a garage down there in the alley, and fix the deck. Should've taken a picture of the deck. It's quite a piece of work!
Aaaahhh, my kitchen. I can't wait until it's mine! May 12th. And I KNOW where my KitchenAid goes. Oh, yes, that is a breakfast bar, with a full counter underneath on the other side. My mind is full of happy kitchen baking/canning/bbq prepping/cooking thoughts! Man, I'm missing cooking.

Fireplace in the living room. Gas assist, wood burning. YIPPEE!!!

There we have it...the main floor of the house. There is an ornamental crabapple tree out front, 3 bedrooms up, a partly finished basement...it's lovely, full of quirks (no light in the dining room) and it will be home.
Anybody wanna buy a home in Brampton? It's cheap and the owners are willing to go with a quick closing. No? Maybe? Just checking.
: )

17 March 2008

We've bought a house

We've bought a detached house in the beautiful area of Deer Ridge. It's nothing fancy but is in what I hope is a nice area. It also has a Mountain View. Pictures will come soon...
This house, here, has been re-priced $4000 lower....I still wonder if it will ever sell. I suppose that one day it will but I am not doing too well at looking at this situation in a glass half full way.

That's it for the update. My brain is fried.