22 September 2005

Yes, yet another grumpy post. The day started out better with a decent talk with Paul. By lunchtime, however, I was reduced to grumpiness. Trying to use the bunch of apples, with kids screeching and tattling and calling out for the apples, wanting to help...aaaaaaaaaagh.

It was one of those chaos sounding mornings. Where every voice clamours to be heard, but no one stops to listen. I get very frustrated in those instances, as I am the mommy trying to sort everything out. I don't seem to know how to let go ofthe frustration after the moment though. It just builds and builds. Then I holler. We're in an ick cycle. But I am determined to stop it.

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Robyn said...

Amy, great blog! I am sure that you will have it all figured out just like Susan and I!
Thanks for the visiting time last night, and the wonderful supper. It was nice to talk with other parents.
Have a great day