03 May 2008

My condo is clean and i had nothing to do with it!

Yeah! Floors mopped, carpet vaccuumed, bathrooms are shiny and beds are made with fresh clean sheets. Aaaaah. Such a treat.
While housekeeping was doing their thing, we went to the Science Centre for a couple of hours and headed downtown for lunch. We were back by 3pm. I think we're getting the hang of this living in downtown and using public transit/walking everywhere thing. It will be sad to get back to the burbs in a just over a week.

It's 10 days away!!!!! I made the calls to set up our water, electricity and gas accounts today. I'm getting really excited.

Tonight, I had the opportunity to go out with a long-time friend from university. We dined at a wonderful Thai restaurant. Oh, so yummy!
We decided to head over to a local mall after we finished where she took me shoe shopping and found me some nice brown leather boots. Very lovely.
I think I'll start breaking them in tomorrow. And tomorrow I get the rare privilege of spending time with my husband sans kids. Thanks, Bea! My day will start with a massage and assuming I'll be able to walk without falling asleep, I'll hop in the car for 5 hours or so with Paul. Our plans? HDTV shopping.
I know.
We're waaaay too romantic.

It's gonna be a beautiful day...

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