29 April 2008

The new house. The latest visit.

We went to the new house today!! The kids ran upstairs right to "their" rooms. They were pretty excited. Paul thinks that's an understatement. He would call them ecstatic. Still a beautiful home to us. They were pretty happy with the back yard, even the part I consider "the wasteland", the bottommost level of the yard. Dark, shadowy, kinda creepy to me. I guess it will be a fun bug haven for Nathan. I'm going to have to collect small containers. The bug collection should be larger this year. We'll have to work on the pine cone collection with our blue spruce out front - after spring...Nathan got completely sticky hands after trying to snag a conical souvenir. He just brought home the spruce gum residue.

We've got our car! It was delivered today so after we check out the house, we headed to the airport to drop it off. While there we check out the "SpacePort". A lot of the activities were closed but there was enough to keep the kids entertained for a while.

We finally made it to the mountains on Saturday. We explored the Cave and Basin National Historic site. Emily and I spent quite a bit of time at the marsh, spying on birds. Most of our pictures ended up with overexposed mountaintops. We have much to learn about photographing snowcapped peaks. We had such a wonderful day. We'll go back again, because we bought a pass...to all the National Parks, because Jasper and Lake Louise are also on our explorational to-do list.

On Sunday, we headed to Fish Creek Provincial Park. It's about a 5 minute drive from our future home. We all seemed to just relax there. I think that each of us found it comforting and familiar. We spent so much time at GTA conservation areas that heading to a park where you walk through the holey homes of prairie dogs on the way from the playground to the washrooms was a very settling experience for us all.

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