06 May 2008

Wonderful Mondays

I used to dread Mondays.

Now, I long for them. They bring a calmer pace and relaxed atmosphere. Like today.

The kids played lazily, we practiced some printing, we hung out on the balcony while the burgers cooked. We watched some people parading around in a rally that called on the provincial government to subsidize midwifes. We played Sorry and Scrabble Junior and made jello.

We meandered down to the C-train, deciding to get off that the TD square shopping centre and wandered down Stephen Ave mall to the City Hall and then wandered back, through a book store, nipped into a Tim's for a snack, and walked unhurriedly back to the C-train. We got off one stop later (4 blocks) and made our way home, through the park and around the corner to our building. We found Paul was home already, emptied the fridge of leftovers for dinner, enjoyed our jello and went to bed. Ok. Obviously I haven't yet. I will soon. I just don't want it to end. It's Monday - the nicest day of my week.

It's just so calm right now. And to think that we take possession of our home in one week. On a Monday. Will I be as relaxed as today? Heh heh heh...sadly, it's not very likely. But I thank God for His Peace, today.

Hopefully, I will stay in this place of peace and won't wander off to find myself in the land of Busyness and Stressing over Nothing. We sign papers with our lawyer tomorrow. I guess that'll be a test.

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