01 May 2008

We were walking to pick up the car (the windshield needed replacing) and spotted this beautiful sight around the corner from our place.We found the car and headed to downtown shopping area. After we had finished the errands I had in mind, I took the kids to the bookstore so they could pick out some books. They each had been given a gift card and were very excited to use it. The only issue was that they had some beautiful puppets in the store and the kids were pretty keen on them. I knew that I wanted them to simply pick books they wanted, the fun and frivolous, not necessarily educational treats just for them books. After they very carefully considered they each chose something I knew was an honest choice.
And then, I brought an owl and a rat home anyway. Reepicheep, the rat, isn't pictured here, he's a little camera-shy.
Nathan was developing a stye in one of his eyelids. I put some opthalmic ointment in and told him to close his eyes and listen to his CD for a few minutes while so the "medicine could work", aka I needed a bit of a Nathan break. 10 minutes later, when he hadn't bounded out of his room asking if he could get up yet, I check on him and discovered this:
Maybe he was the one who needed a break!

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