30 April 2008

Beaver Dam Flats

One of the realities about Calgary that we find exciting is that in any given corner of the city you can find a wilderness jewel withing 5 or 10 minutes. We took a quick trip to Beaver Dam Flats, about 5 minutes away from Paul's office, just before we picked him up yesterday.In the background runs Deerfoot Trail, the only true highway in Calgary, which dissects the City. We were on the east side of it and Paul's office is located just west of it. We weren't sure but we thought we could see his office building from the top of this mini-escarpment.
The main reason we went though, was to check out the beaver lodges.
If we had more time, we would have walked down the hill and explored the paths. Since it is a Natural Area, we would stick to the paths, so the best view of the lodges is from this vantage point. I have to get more familiar with my camera to start getting better shots!

Once we left the Flats, we drove for a couple of minutes, picked up a rotisserie chicken dinner from Safeway, drove 5 minutes to Paul's office.
This is just what I need. A place where all the beautiful places aren't steamrollered by urban sprawl.

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