25 April 2008

What we've been doing

It been almost 2 weeks. The first week we were here, we spent a lot of time at home while Nathan recovered from his cold.
One of the first days here, Emily asked if she could listen to some music...
The second evening, Nathan got the Flames jersey he'd been asking for and put it on right away!:
The next evening, he decided to show off his exceptional skills at dressing himself for bed:
The happy play-doh-ers:
This week we got a handle on the LRT which runs through downtown. We went to the zoo, the downtown shopping mall, the indoor garden and the public library. We took some time today and explore a bit of the +15 walkway. We also noticed that the beautiful stone building across the street from our condo building is 101 years old. I also notice that the sidewalk marker at our corner is 1912. It's hard to see the history here, as it is masked by the modern elements so often.
Each day has been an adventure, even if we've spent it at home, like today. Nathan spent most of today playing with the plastic hockey stick and puck I bought for them yesterday. Emily spent most of today wrapping miscellaneous objects ( such as crayons) in scrap paper and giving them to Nathan to open as presents.
I am a little excited today because we got our cheque from the sale of our home. That means we have almost all of our downpayment ready. That makes me SMILE!
Tomorrow, we might go to the mountains... and Monday we will take the kids to see the house.

I'm looking forward to the day we get to go home.

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