06 January 2008

The Yearly Letter...a year too late

Dec 2007

Dearest family and friends,
Our greetings to you come a little late this year. As I started to gather my thoughts for this letter around mid-November I realized I had to wait. There was something in the offing that just might need to be included in this letter. While waiting, I painted most of the house. It took a lot of work, much help from Paul, and a great deal of patience from the kids, which they were happy to give. For the most part!

Here are some highlights from our year:

Growing Up, Nathan and Emily Style
These two kids are incredibly imaginative. They spend much of their day pretending, attempting to be in costume and in character for as long as possible. Emily really enjoys dressing up and Nathan enjoys draping blankets and propping pillows anywhere he can in order to create his spaceship, ice breaker, castle or whatever. If it resembles a string, he’ll try to tie it to something. They both regarded the arrival of spring with glee, getting out on their bikes almost every day. Nathan’s sense of humour is very wordy, using puns and rhymes. Emily’s sense of humour is a little more physical. If you stare into her eyes for a while, they’ll turn up at the corners just before she scrunches up her face with her hands and sticks out her tongue. She can’t seem to help but to try make us laugh as often as she can. Even as they are filled with laughter, they are always inquisitive, asking questions ranging from the philosophical (Aren’t you glad Santa isn’t real?) to the physical (why do dogs’ tails have bones?) and back to the practical (can I have some of the gingerbread house now?).


the very cold waters of Georgian Bay at Indian Head Cove, Bruce National Park

The Bruce Peninsula. WOW. It is simply amazing. We kicked off our camping season with a 2day test trip to Laurel Creek Conservation Area, in the middle of Waterloo. That was informative. We noted all items which were forgotten and those which were unnecessary, bought a cartop carrier bag and took off on our 10day vacation, beginning at the Bruce. Oh, you should go! Really, it is a beautiful, unique place. There is truly nowhere else like it on this planet.

We then joined forces with the Beilby family at Awenda Provincial Park and took in the area’s historical sights. I didn’t mention that Nathan is a history buff, did I? One of his highlights of the year was our visit to Discovery Harbour and Ste. Marie-among-the-Hurons.

the only volunteer for this activity at Discovery Harbour, was Emily!

In late August, we shared some food and some splendid camping at the Pinery with the Naus family. Emily was in tears when she realized that this would be the last camping trip of the year. Paul and I felt the same. Nathan was happy to get back to his own bed.

on our way to the beach, Pinery Provincial Park

The Last Half was Harder
The last 5 months have brought some challenges to Paul and I. In early August, my aunt, whom I call Julie Mamie, passed away. I had the opportunity to see her and to say ``goodbye`` a few weeks before. My life was but one that she had touched deeply. The grief, though, was not something I had ever known before and I found it all-consuming for a while.
One day, in late September, we received a phone call from Paul`s mom. Paul`s dad, who lives and works in Southern Mexico, had been in an accident and his leg was broken. He was taken to hospital in Mexico City and Paul`s mom, and some good friends, spent many hours there with him. In early October, the doctors determined that the leg needed to be amputated. Soon after, Dad, and Mom were flown up to Ontario, to North York General, in Toronto. Dad`s recovery was longer and harder than we expected but through much prayerful and practical support from friends and family, he has come very far. He`s now at St. John`s , a rehab hospital in North York. Yahoo!!
On Dec. 23rd, we celebrated! For Dad`s first day pass, we had Christmas dinner together, at a home generously offered to us by a family who were away for the holidays. It was a very refreshing time, resting in the blessing of God`s provision and finding great joy in being together.

What are we waiting for?
We are waiting for a dream to come true!
About 4 years ago, we began talking and dreaming about moving out west. About 2 years ago, you may remember, Nathan and I went to a certain city, called Calgary, to visit friends. And to check it out.
Paul was attempting to transfer to Mark`s Work Wearhouse, a company owned by Canadian Tire, Paul`s current employer, just as the housing prices skyrocketed. Maybe it was a little premature.
About 2 months ago, Paul was contacted regarding a position with Mark`s new supply chain team, headed up by a former director from CT. Just as the housing prices dipped a little! We are in the later stages of negotiations, proceeding with the hope that we may be heading to Calgary in the New Year.
So, after our letters and cards are mailed out, we will continue a frenzied pace. Replacing the Christmas preparations, however, will be readying our house for listing and attempting to find housing in Calgary. If you want to keep up with what is happening, you`ll have to check out my blog http://curlsinmyhair.blogspot.com/ or find me on Facebook!

God Bless you, this Christmas, and into the New Year.
With love,
Paul, Amy, Nathan and Emily


Sue said...

hey darlin'

great update. i am so happy for you and the move. wow wow wow.

God is so good.
we will miss camping with you!! but when we fly through Cal on the way to Abbotsford one day, perhaps we will make an extended stop over... :)

love and hugs to you.

Amy said...

Wahoo! We'd love to see you. if we ever get out there. today be a discouraged one.
need more courage i guess!