03 January 2008

Stop packing?!!?

Is he crazy?
Paul called me this morning and told me to stop packing. He said that the company included packing us up and offsite storage in the relo package. STOP? Can they come tomorrow?
I can't stop! And I hope he was being slightly facetious because there's no way I can stop. We've got to get stuff out of this house and I've got wallpapering (yuck), painting, cleaning (yuck)and staging to get done before we can list. Somewhere in there, the basement carpet will be replaced.
So, I think that we need to keep going. But I do find the thought of someone else packing everything ELSE up extremely exciting! I'll keep my excitement inside, though. I'll let it out when it's time!

By this time tomorrow, we should have something official for Paul to sign. It's THAT CLOSE.

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