09 January 2008

Signed and delivered...

We have cleared the first hurdle! The offer is accepted and Paul will be an employee of Mark's Work Wearhouse. The official date has not been set, but because it's taking the shape of an internal transfer, the official date is dependent on when Canadian Tire is willing to let him go! Ah, so nice to be wanted...
He is working so hard. He's digging into the testing he needs to get done at CT with a vengeance. He's been trying to get quotes on our small bathtub reno. He's constantly packing up extraneous bits and transporting them to storage, when he's at home. He also had a dental appointment today, so after supper he bravely ate a freezie in the hope of numbing his sore mouth.
As for me, I rearranged the living room.
I can't wait for this house to be clean again. I know it always looks the most awry just previous to the moment it begins to look civil again. I'm finding it hard to think past the mess.
Hmm. I'm finding it hard to think, period.
I don't suppose I could go to bed this early, could I?

Nah. That would just be weird. It's the wrong side of midnight.

Ah yes, the kids. The afternoon snack was grapes. Emily decided that she would be a fruit bat, as they eat grapes. Sometime later, when she flapped back upstairs, I asked if she, the fruit bat, had a name yet.
"No," she replied.
"Would you like one?" I asked. She nodded, completely in character.
"How about....," I thought for a while, ".....Juicy?" She nodded again, though this time a tiny bat-like smile curled onto her face.
Later on, I found her trying to sound out her name while trying to type it on their play computer. When Paul got home, she properly introduced herself to him, so there would be no mistaken identity.

On a mischeivous note, I hung a beaded candy cane on Butterscotch's collar tonight. I don't think he noticed but guaranteed when Paul does, he'll roll his eyes and say something like, "Oh Butterscotch, what will we do with her?"

Hee! Small things that entertain me.

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