15 January 2008

And he's off!

Paul has embarked on his first jaunt to Calgary. He flew out at 9:15 this evening, which means he'll arrive around 2am his time. Poor guy.

It hasn't hit the kids yet, but I think it will hit Nathan sooner. I think after I ship them off to Grandma's house on Fri, he'll really start missing everything.

I get to go to Calgary this weekend. I get Paul all to myself. Ahhhh. How nice. Until we go house hunting. I'm a little afraid of that...I shouldn't be.

...the basement got new carpet
...we found out Paul was going to Calgary
...Emily resorted to some nasty tactics when she got mad at Nathan
...the phone rang off the hook
...we scoped out our "scope of work" document from our reno guys
...I agreed to meet to sign reno contract for the bathroom, which may start on Thurs.
...Paul got on a plane bound for Calgary
...we watched the Discovery channel before bed
...I stayed up and enjoyed the quiet.

Until tomorrow.

1 comment:

Sue said...

i can't believe how quickly this is all happening!!

can't wait to hear more!