19 January 2008

My, oh my.
We took our first crack at house hunting today. I arrived in Cow-town around 2pm, drove down to the Mark's office, said "hello" to my hubby then went up to check out a few houses with our estate agent, Ed. Nothing fits yet. But we have a lot to look at tomorrow.
We're staying at a corporate apartment, it's very homey (with hi-speed interet) and relaxing (Paul just crashed on the living room rug).

I'm surprised at my excitement. I'm excited to see the brown grass everywhere. Perhaps it's because it's a novelty. I'm excited to be staying in the downtown. I'm excited to be searching for a new home. I'm excited to spend the weekend with Paul. I'm excited because I get to fly again. I love catching glimpses of the mountains.

Hopefully, there'll be more to report tomorrow.


Sue said...


excitement!!! sounds wonderful dear!!

best of luck to ya in the house hunt!!

hey did i tell you about the church my old youth pastor started in south cal???


Amy said...

No, actually....tell me more about this church!