07 March 2007

C O L D.



It's cold and I don't like it. When every inch of me is yearning for that breath of spring, arriving in the wind....to have my nostrils freeze together as a result of my inquiring sniff simply adds insult to injury!

Maybe I'll get all dressed up and burrow into the snow for a while.

On a much splashier note, Emily finished her first set of 'lessons' yesterday...she did well but will have to do salamander again...needs to work on her floats...I don't think she'll mind at all.

And I got a new lamp....I'll get a pic later....my first real, non student look lamp. Wow. God provides; I used my gift card from Christmas. I've even altered it already. It had a white shade and I pulled a tea bag around the top and bottom trim to make it a nice, well, tea colour!

Hee hee.



Sue said...

well done, can't wait to see your artistic talent on the lampshade! :)

loves. from sue. (still pregnant)

Amy said...

ha ha, thanks! It's pretty simple...but very pleasing to my eye!