20 February 2007

Pancake Tuesday!!!

Aaaaaaah. The tradition is reborn. We just said goodbye to some lovely people who shared our Pancake supper with us. Farzad is a friend of Paul from work and Pushal and Fardin are his two sons. Farzad's wife didn't join us....she finished work late and I heard that she doesn't like pancakes?!!

I made big ones for the grown up, little ones for the little ones and letters for the little ones.
THe little ones wanted the big ones, the grown ups were stuck with the little ones and after the little ones were stuffed....they eyed the letters hopefully and asked for one. Each little one got a letter but no one got the ice cream. That would have been TOO MUCH!! Hee hee. It was an incredible sight...stuffed children.

Last night, Nathan, Uncle Rob and I went skating on the bit of ice just outside of our local library. Nathan was his usual freak out-ish self until he watched Rob and I go round a few times. He then started trying to race me (step, step, step....I'm beating mommy!) and tried to catch his uncle. It's so nice to share my love of sports and outdoors with my son and so nice to have someone to share it with. Just need to work on Paul's confidence and then we can have romantic dates at Gage Park *sigh*.

Spring will come soon!

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Sue said...

missed you two on pancake tues...since you really started us on the tradition. :) We had a great pancake supper, but rushed. I had to run out and pick up the bbsitter and then dave and i hurried off to small group...so it wasn't as savored and delightful as the usual shared celebration of pancakes and friends.

have a great week lady. from su.