07 March 2007

We're always trying new things!

She can put her own clips in her hair! And they look beautiful! Nathan looks quite handsome too.

Last day of swimming

My little fishie. Emily grins the entire time she is in the pool. She is full of pure, unadulterated joy. It's so special!

The back float - head is nicely resting in the water. Her instructor, Jade, was so much fun. She just loved Emily and she was fantastic with all the kids.

This was the only lesson in which they got to go down the slide. I guess it was a special thing for the last day. Hmmm, when to sign her up again?

My lamp avec tea striping

So, the top and bottom of the shade are the locations of the tea colouring exercise. I'm really pleased with the result. And the simple addition of a table lamp makes the whole room so much homier. Aaaah.


Anonymous said...

Great pictures of Emily at swimming! She is so cute!

Also, I hate to admit it, but I never realized exaclty what had changed on the lamp shade until I saw the post. Now that I can see exactly what the change was, I can appreciate it so much more. Your tea staining has improved the look greatly.

Sue said...

Lovely post Amy, i CAN'T wait for swimming lessons to start this summer! it looks soooo exciting!! :)

And the lamp - very nice touch!

hope you are all well, love you muchly.
from su.

Robyn said...

Wow love the pictures of Emily swimming! It is so greta to get our kids into the water so early!

Love the lamp. You will have to share more on how you did this! I have a few shades that could use some updating!

Keep up the great work
Hugs from our house to yours

Amy said...

Ahhh, well, Robyn. I steeped my tea for about 10 minutes and took the tea bag and dragged it along the top and bottom trim.

That's it!