16 February 2007

A little fashionista! What do you think? I think it's lovely but I haven't been able to find those clips since!
THis winter we have entered the era of extracurricular activities. Nathan is learning to skate and Emily is learning to swim. Her instructor calls her "a little fishy". Yah, I knew that. We've always steered clear of water areas because she would make a determined beeline in that direction, with intent to enter - clothes and all! This is much better -the instructor is making an official invitation to enter by singing something about speckled frogs. Note the concentration...Emily is simply NOT going to miss her cue. I think she's scared Jade sometimes....she just flies off the deck when it is her turn to jump!
Now, I don't remember this when I was learning to swim. It looks like fun even now - a train!
Emily is the second one in from the left.

And then we have the farmer boy and hippie chick. Both self-attired. I just love the creativity they reveal when the dress themselves.

We're GREEN!
Ok. This next picture might look a little weird. And, it is. It is my tea bag in my new kitchen bin (thus dubbed by region of Peel). It landed there with ceremony - my hands waving in the air and I was "ah-haing" with vigour. And there were a few moments when I was jumping up and down. Paul told me to stop jumping. But I think he understands how excited I am.

I may not live in the country or have a big enough back yard for a composter but I CAN STILL COMPOST!!!!!! Yippee!! I cannot tell you how excited I am or even how much more relaxed I am living in this townhouse, since the day the green bin graced our doorstep. I'm so excited. I'm even going to splurge and get a beautiful stainless steel compost container for my countertop - gorgeous and convenient.

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Sue said...

hey lady,
great family moments and pictures!! haha, love the fashion designer!! heehee. super cute.

And the swimming lessons look sooooooooooo fun!! i can't wait to bring J out to the pool near us this summer. :)

love you guys, from the naus gang.
three weeks to go!! :)