04 February 2007

My head hurts. My neck hurts. I can't think. I've spent the last two days sleeping. And today, I attempted to function. Now I have a head ache. Was it worth it? Yeah. It's hard now but I got up, went out the door with the family,sat in a chair at Dean's house and we did the second Story. The kids are the highlight of storying. They love to retell it and the love to discuss it. Aahhhh. Very Nice. THen we adults did some talk about it sans kids and talk about what each couple were looking at in terms of living missionally and how we could join and encourage each other in that. Lovely. Yes, now I have a headache...but it's a small price to pay for being in the company of passionate people who are challenging me to live a life of transformational change as Jesus did.


Sue said...

oooh darling, are you really so sick?? how sad. i hope you are well cared for.

glad to hear about your delightful time of passion and joy in the Lord. you will have to let me know what changes happen in and around you guys as you pursue knowing and fearing God more. maybe it will inspire ME! :)

love from su.

Amy said...

Yup. That sick. I have been well left alone and the kids have been well cared for!
Love you too!