25 January 2007

Remember Christmas?

Look! Pictures!!! How exciting! Here are some from Christmas:

Nathan got Emily a stroller/highchair etc. combo thing for her dolls. Paul assembled it as his curious audience watched in eagerness.

The test drive went well. She scared the cat, got the dog to move and didn't open any other presents for about half and hour!

We travelled to my parent's house on Christmas day and stayed for the first part of the week. We then went to London to visit our university friends and their family.

Paul loves to read to kids. Jen and Ed were surpised to find their couch was a 6-seater!

So, I knew Paul liked crokinoe. But I didn't know he was a closet champion. It was New Year's Eve and we took a break from Carcassone. I gave Jen a massage and they played while we cheered on our men.

Emily and Julia became fast friends, with Nathan tagging along anytime he wanted to play "Home Home" with them. We all had a huge amount of fun and it tooks us a couple of weeks to recover!

All right, that it. Maybe one day I'll put together last year's outtakes. Maybe!

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