18 January 2007

Ready for CAMPING!!!!

I was just thinking I should throw in a reluctant acknowledgement of the New Year....and it slowly dawned on me that there has been so much we've done and seen this year already. I must get some pictures up. No promises, though.
What momentous things have we done in the past two weeks. Well, we've had our first family games night. Boy, were the kids wired! They took an hour longer than normal to settle for bed. Maybe it was the family night treat! It's so special to build these rhythms into our family. A regular games night with a "traditional" dessert that Paul's family enjoyed when they began their family night rhythm. I find it a powerful idea to follow in an established rhythm set by a previous generation that reinforces the ideas of choosing to behave as a community and taking time to play together.
What else? Oh yes, Paul came home one night with STUFF. Some assorted plumbing things, a new phone, batteries - all spoils from the Damaged Goods sale that Canadian Tire holds for its employees. The piece de resistance was the tent. My tent.
I mean, Paul got the very tent I fell in love with and prayed for in the summer! God is so extravagent, faithful and timely. Yes, I know it's winter. However, there are daily requests by Emily for a camping excursion. Now we can plan one or ten with her this summer. We are all very happy to have a tent. It's enormous (yup, we're stuck with car camping for a while), but perfect for us.

To be continued....as I have to go hug and kiss munchkins goodnight.

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