23 December 2006

What a nice Saturday at home...

Emily gave us another example of her ingenuity today. It's hard to see, but the string is threaded through the holes in the support post. Yippee, she's three!

We' ve had such a nice day today. The house is clean. Aunt Ana is here. Most of our clothes are packed for Christmas travelling. A gingerbread house was 'mantled' and dismantled (see picture below). We've had the most beautiful, restful, yet productive, day. Now there are just a few last presents to wrap. And an early start to tomorrow as I am producing.

Our first gingerbread house. Made from scratch, decorated by all. The only thing missing is the lovely smokestack that Paul created out of Ovation sticks. How fun. We had it for dessert. Not all of it! We've saved the rest for tomorrow.
That's the idea, anyway. I'm not sure why, because we still have butter cake to eat tomorrow. Oy! Christmas is so fun!

Well, must go light advent candles.
How amazing that He would come to us.

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