13 February 2006

A new one.


I added a new post that I've been working on about our trip. Just a small tidbit, but it's something more!

Now we are trying to survive the winter. The actual winter with cold and wind chill and not quite enough snow to do anything with. I was surprised by the winter blues ( didn't see it coming, lovely mild winter and all) and spent much of last week trying to adjust. Opened curtains, sat in sunshine, and trekked the family out to Kortright conservation area.
The kids have been enjoying puzzles, colouring and play-doh.

Today, after I make some icing, we will decorate Valentine cookies.

Oh yes, and today is my spiritual birthday. That is, the 15th anniversary of a life-receiving decision to let Jesus do the leading and changing of me. Never would have made it this far without him.

Well, there is a small girl announcing a need for a diaper change. Does immediate biological need precede philosophy? Now, it just weaves together, and becomes part of an interesting day in the life of...me!



Sue said...

LOVE YOU AMY DEAR! happy happy spiritual birthday!!!! hi to all the fam!
from d,s and j Naus :)

Robyn said...

Glad to see you posting again! I know I have been letting things get behind. after our long drive this past weekend, i don't feel much like sitting!