25 February 2006


It snowed! And we went to the park, found a hill and Nathan and Paul went down. And up and down. Emily couldn't be convinced to join in the fun. So I pulled her around in her toboggan while Nathan scooted down the hill on his own. The only downside (hee) for him was losing his mittens on the way.
Emily went down, once with Daddy. She was too scared. Maybe next year for her.
Then Nathan and I log rolled around for a bit, made snow angels and just plain goofed around. My loving husband's only comment was "You're really snowy. You'll need to brush off before you get in the car." Hmmm. Fun guy.
(Well, yes, I did see him earlier, emerging from the trees at the top of the hill in a full out run with arms outstretched over his head, yelling, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh" as he galloped down the hill, toward Nathan who was at the bottom. I think it was a male victory whoop. But did look like he was having fun. )

It was a wonderful family time. No housework had been accomplished. There'll be another time for that.

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Robyn said...

Go to love that family time. We didn't even know it snowed untnil we went to look at houses at 1:30pm! The joys of a basement apartment.. you miss seeing all the wonders of the outside world!