16 January 2006

just chattering

Ahhh, winter. A little chilly today, but sunny. We had a nice Christmas but things got a little busy the first couple of weeks of this year. It might be calming down. I've started sewing again, working on a coat for Emily. After Boxing Week sales proved fruitless, I decided to try make make her a 'Sunday' coat myself. The only negative of this whole situation is that I am becoming more aware of the limitations of my sewing machine. It doesn't actually do a basting stitch. Agh!
Nathan starts gymnastics again tonight. I hope he listens well. He still is wiggly and struggles to follow the routines after a while. It's exciting, though, to have something that he takes so well to.
Today, we played with marbles. What fun. We found many different containers to plop marbles in. I think Nathan suspected it might have been related to 'school'. Don't tell him!!

That's it for the first post of '06. More exciting news next time!



Sue said...

nice! good job disguising the 'schooling' haha!


Robyn said...

Well done Amy! Glad to see you back in the world of Blog. I know how hard it can be to keep things up to date.
Lets do coffee sometime!