09 April 2008

I must be excited...

...because I am up way too late! I think I do this when the stress is high but the reason is enjoyable.
I keep thinking I'll get a chance to sit down and really tell the story of what's happening each day. I see that I haven't. So, here's the short version.
We signed our offer on Easter Sunday. Later that week, the buyers wanted to change the closing date to April 14th. We agreed and went ahead with travel and move plans. We received another request to change the closing date and settled on the 18th. However, we stayed with the plans to move on the 14th.
Paul's company will provide us with accomodations until our house in Calgary closes on May 12th. They will also provide storage for our household goods. That means anything we'll need in the next month will need to go on the plane with us.

That means that what goes on the plane with us has to be set aside, away from the reach of the packers, who descend on our house this Saturday.

Ok. This just reminds me of all I have yet to get done. I'd better go, either to get some sleep or simply to pack some more things.

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