26 March 2008

Three weeks to Cow-town?

We're conditionally sold!!
On Sunday, in between church and spending Easter afternoon with Paul's family, we signed the offer. On Monday we saw the sunrise, as we drove Paul to the airport. The kids and I have spent the rest of the week recovering from that early-for-us morning! It's been such a relief to have the house to ourselves.

Now, the offer we signed stated that closing would be April 25th. But, the buyers would be ready to move in on the 14th and want to know if we would be ready by then!

Part of me is reeling with shock and part is overcome with joy -- there is a Divine element to this experience that I'm very moved by. This dream began 6 years ago as a small voice of expectant hope. It's been growing, and over the past few month, has risen as a roar of imminent reality, like the sound just before the waves crash over your head. I guess we'll get back to land eventually, normal life will return. But I've always loved lying back and letting the water carry me wherever it may, feeling the push and pull rhythm of the waves.

I like water. I like waves. I feel exhilarated by the movement of change in my life right now. It's really exhausting and challenging. But this rawness of knowing/feeling/experiencing connection to God throughout everything is what life is to me.

I can't get my head around all that needs to be done. I'm going to sleep on it...Paul is going to sleep on it. but I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to rename this blog in a few weeks....
"Cowtown Chronicles"?
"Amy the almost Albertan"?
"Deer Ridge Diva"?

Ok, none of those will likely make the short list, but it was worth a try. A sad, sad try, at that.

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