07 March 2008

As I write this quickie note.....Emily is rolling on top of a sleeping bag....Nathan is singing an original composition as he washes his hands after lunch...Paul is trying think of what else to pack and I'm trying to get in an update before I have to pack up this computer.

Yesterday, I took the kids to an establishment called Melonheads. They cut kids' hair. On fancy chairs...like a motorcycle, airplane, race car... They left with glittery hair and pretty hair clip (emily) and a mohawk (Nathan). It was really fun and a relief...I didn't have to attempt the hair chopping this time!

Today...the kids are starting to climb the walls, as they are headed to some vacation time with their Aunt Ana. Paul and I are flying out of Kitchener to Calgary for our last chance, house hunting expotition.

Our house still is on the market, and will likely still be on the market when we get back,what with the snow storm and everything. Soon you won't be able to see the house for the snow!

I'm told it's time to pack up the computer bag.
I just made the mistake of asking Paul to put on my hood....I meant to attach it back to the jacket it belongs to, not to put it on his head!

And now, off to Cow-town....

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