27 February 2008

a week apart

The kids and I miss Paul. He's in Calgary and returns late on Fri. night. Hum.
We had a nice day, at IKEA for part of it and a fairly relaxed pace. I think next time I will bring a book and take a 1/2 hour of the hour the kids get to spend in Smalland to read and have tea. And then shop! To manage the crazy timing of the afternoon we had supper at 4pm, left Ikea at 5:30, got gas and then drove home. Emily fell asleep in the car and later accused me of not getting gas. We've hit the relaxed part of the week where we enjoy the freedom from the 5pm deadline of Paul's end of day. We end and begin whenever. It quite nice for a time. But the kids and I really miss the guy.

Tomorrow, we'll head to Kitchener to visit friends. And Fri....well it will be a long day. Perhaps I'll exhaust them at the ROM or toboganning. Or worse yet....clothes shopping!

I'd better get to sleep.

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