08 February 2008

Our Snow Day

Well, highly active weather means less active real estate market. There have been no showings this week. It's been wonderful. The kids have had a chance to play, I've had a chance to bum around the house doing not much. It's been really good, but it took me all week to stop panicking about the lack of showings! I've turned my attention to other things: to organizing the relocation, returning items that were borrowed from friends, figuring out things that need to be done or planned. Really, I'm just trying to keep busy, and just ahead of those nasty winter blues that are nipping at my heels.
So, yesterday, I took some pictures and YIPPPEEEEE for the new camera!

My two Lego maniacs.

O Snowy Day! I'm not getting to that barbeque any time soon.

I'm guessing that's almost 12 inches of snow on the fence. Wow.

Right now, I'm heading deep into Sir Arthur Conan Doyle territory. Maybe I'll go tickle a child later. Or now.

Now is good. Off to tickle...

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