19 February 2008

Bummed out...

Our neighbours put their house up for sale at the same time as we did. They have a conditional offer.
I was talking with a friend about a month ago. She suggested I was ashamed of this house. She's right.
I know it's ridiculous. I'm afraid we won't sell this house and I'm afraid we won't get to Calgary. But we will. Well, we have to. Paul already is working the job from here.
I keep seeing Gandalf...the scene....and I keep thinking, "The way is hidden from me."
There are people I know that I really admire. People who face difficulties and true hardships with determination and a will to survive. People who find a challenge in their path, size it up, figure a solution, move through it and keep going.
Really, is selling a house and move cross country so hard?
How come I'm bummed because my neighbour's house is one step closer to being sold than mine?

Man, I feel pathetic.

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