01 October 2007

Leify words

We found it. the Word on the Street. We brought home some of those words and discovered Leif Erikson. We took a ride with Matt and Emily from the newly published Canadian Flyer series and have started hanging out with Vikings on the coast of Newfoundland. Oh what fun!
Oh what a relief!
I'm relieved because since I've made a change to how we homeschool, I've been wondering what Nathan would run after intellectually.
But first, a word of explanation. We now unschool. No curriculum and very little "Mommy says you have to learn this right now". It's so much more appropriate to us and so much harder to explain to people. It's based on the premise that children naturally are curious and want to learn. It allows Nathan to ask questions about the things he's really wanting to know and allows us the time to completely answer his questions to his satisfaction. Often, I've found, his quest for knowledge allows for a much more thorough understanding that is often offered at the grade level books. I'm learning to trust Nathan more. And he's beginning to thrive.
Emily and I are still finding our way. She just loves workbooks. I just love blank pieces of paper. We manage.

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Sue said...

awesome amy,
unschooling definitely gets the most criticism of all homeschooling methods, however, i believe the success of any method depends upon the teacher and the student! i think you are wise to follow the way your kids learn best. :) so glad you are having fun with it! :) i enjoy unschooling at this level, it is so natural.

love ya. su