19 July 2007

Watch out! It's an iceberg!

Lovely, isn't it? This iceberg is being lassoed by the marine vessel named "the Breaker", because it breaks and moves and tows icebergs. I couldn't fit the vessel into the picture but it's off to the right.
Nathan has taken over the house. In his room is his play house (a blanket-fort from his bed to the floor and his bed is the attic, our main floor houses the iceberg and marine vessel ( pillows as seen, basket, stool and remote control handset and blankets for the vessel, and the treehouse (another blanket-fort) is in our basement. This reallocation of resources and square footage is occuring while I am trying to pack for camping.
I have recently been informed that he wishes we had more pillows so that he could make a big stack of them. Yikes!!

1 comment:

Sue said...

oooooooh that is SOOOOOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!!!

what a fabulous playground he has created with his imagination!

talk soon???