21 June 2007

I know, it been a while. But I've had so much fun. We spent so much time outside that Emily is looking brown! They've biked, I've walked. We've played, I've pulled a wagon.

This past Saturday night we spent in Grandma and Grandpa B's backyard, in our tent. Our tent is more spacious than many hotel rooms. It's FANTASTIC!!! So, this Sunday, we head out to do some preliminary camping, for two nights. We're thinking to go to Laurel Creek Conservation Area, right smack in the middle of Waterloo, but, it's beautiful and there'll be lots of bugs to check out!

Tomorrow, we're off to the Welland Canal, to see if we can catch sight of any container ships or other interesting boat making their way through the waterway and to have lunch with G'ma and G'pa B, who are spending a few vacationy days there.

The pictures. Well I keep taking them with every intention of posting them. Must figure out a better system.

Sighgh. I'm enjoying this moment. A rare moment of peace and tranquility.

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