09 May 2007

Oh, what a day. What a month.

I can't believe how full it's been - full of thoughts and growing relationships - and it's felt very restful and rewarding. So after all that, why do I feel so flustered today, like I'm hanging on to the back of a train for dear life as it goes whipping down the track. This train may be going at a leisurely pace but it feels out of control to me. Hmmm. If I follow that metaphor, maybe I should climb INTO the train, sit down and look out the window. Hope I can find a door or open window somewhere.

On with the post.
I made a Quillow
I decided to make a quilt which folds into a pillow as a present for my grandmother.
I'm not sure she'll figure out the intricacies of the transformation, but I'm hoping she's liked it. I took a pic of the p(u)ilt in progress.
Nathan, Ryan, Devin and Evan are great grandsons of my Nanee, who, as seen on her pink hat cake, is 90. Wow.
The lady hiding behind the kid's heads is Paul's mom. She had her hair all done up fancy in curlers, but we decided to take pictures anyway. This shot, though her eye is missing, showcases the Grinning Happy Trio of Silliness, which might have been their motto, if indeed they had thought to have one!
We put up our tent.....
It's really big.........
The rainfly is like a BIG kite if it gets caught in the wind just so........

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