03 July 2006


"Mom, look!"
"Oh, you're playing a french horn!"

"And so are you."

Summer means sprinkler time! What fun we are having in our fabulously sodded back yard. Thanks, Paul!

Happy, wet munchkin. Lovely.

These are little Playmobile people, wise men actually, from Nathan's Nativity set. Emily enjoys playing with them too. On this day, they decided to take a jaunt out of the bedroom, aided by Emily. Do you suppose they were tired out and needed to sit down? I wonder....


Robyn said...

Wow Amy, looks like you have been very busy! And is that the sowing michine I see on the side?? Wow, you are just such a talented women!
I hope all is well your way. Enjoy your day!

Love and Miss you

Sue said...

hey lady, lovely pics and fun!! :)

come visit us and we'll take the kids to the WATERPARK TOGETHER! :)

let us know ifyou can travel down for a day!!

from sue