05 July 2006

oooh, the backyard....

We are having such fun this summer. Especially in our backyard. Emily really enjoys The Digging Spot.

Look! Look! There's grass!
Beautiful! Restful!
Aaaah. Feel the softness under your bare feet.

My friend Sue called to say her cherries were ready. So, we grabbed this bucket and two Narnia popcorn buckets and headed over.
Paul climbed the tree, Emily sat on a chair, terrified of the dogs, and Nathan and I fought for time on the ladder. We filled this bucket and one popcorn one. Lotsa cherries.
These lovely cherries have now been apportioned to share, consumed in a pie and transformed into jam. Yippee! What fun!


Robyn said...

Amy, two posts in one day! Wow, the computer must be running better!

Where did you go cherry picking? We found some at the "devils punch bowl" but I think we need to find some place else to go. I love picking berries.. and can't wait until the fruit in my yard desides to grow.. (I think it is kinda late!)
Hope all is well your way.

Amy said...

Nope. The computer isn't running any better. I've just decided to let my stubborn streak win out :).
This last post took about an hour for the computer to figure out, lose and then get it reposted fully. Oh well. It can be fixed and it will. Just not today!

Hope you are well,

Sue said...

hey lady.
i can't access my blog right now, but you did somehow..i don't know what is wrong...hmm...ah, anyway. thanks for the comment! :) heehee.

i am glad and more than glad to offer inspiration to many whenever the occassion arises.

i want to do silk painting at home...
i'll let you know how things transpire...

heehee. hooray for artistic cravings.

:)love you dear.