15 April 2008

Moving Day

We started the big day by folding up our linens and placing them into the boxes the packers left. We got breakfast. We waited.
After a while, say two hours, we were told they were stuck on the 401.
Well, they did show up and they worked like dogs...and we were out of the house by 2pm and out of the storage unit by 3pm.

My parents took Nathan and Emily out to lunch and then to see their great grandmother. They came back to an empty house. At this point we were simply waiting for our ride to the airport. We took some time, since our ride was arriving later than we'd thought, to go spend time with our neighbours. We will miss them greatly.

Once Dean arrived, we loaded up his van with the suitcases and cat, while the kids got in with Grandma and Grandpa. The check-in went smoothly as did the security check. Our flight was good. Emily fell asleep and slept right through the landing.

Once we passed through the doors into the main arrivals area, we spotted a couple with snazzy hats on. They didn't fit terribly well but they made a striking pair with straw cowboy hats and cardboard sign...: The Silly - Hills Billlies, Welcome Home.
We felt privileged to know them. They just loved on us so much, pushing the luggage cart, waiting for us, buying a cat litter pan plus litter for us.
It was all going so well, until we got to the apartment building and couldn't get in. We grabbed a sub/salad and waited for help. Once help arrived, we got into our suite and wandered around grumpily.

I'm rather disoriented tonight, but I hope to reorient in a couple of days.

Yikes. Calgary.

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