30 January 2008

Sigh of relief...

Here it is: MLS# W1297288. No current pictures yet, but there it is. Tomorrow, we'll get a sign for our lawn.
It feels really good. I had some moments of rest today, partly because Paul stayed home. It was so nice. We still did a lot of work, but the pressure was off.

Paul and I looked for digital cameras tonight. Our current camera isn't compatible with Vista . We've been downloading (we've done it once) the pics to dad H's computer and transfering them via key to ours. His computer leaves on Fri. We need a new camera. Yeeesh.
But then, we can tell stories with pictures. And maybe even with videos.
I could take a picture of Emily's depiction of a pinata, complete with 50 strings to pull, at the bottom. It's beautiful. Or Nathan's bear, tied to the back of a dining room chair. Or the fighter jet/fort that Paul and Nathan made today, or Paul using the remote control as his microphone thingy while pretending to be the control tower guy for Nathan (call sign:flyboy). Emily (call sign: fighter girl) didn't like Paul's idea of a call sign: cupcakes.
Who could blame her?

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